Kaplan turbines transform still water into electricity

The Kaplan turbine patented by the Austrian engineer Viktor Kaplan in 1913 is a further development of the Francis turbine. The Kaplan turbine is an axial-flow water turbine with an adjustable runner and is suitable for hydroelectric power plants with low heads (up to max. 80 m) and large, fluctuating flow rates. For example, it is used in river power plants on calmly flowing large bodies of water, irrigation canals or mills. Kaplan turbines are also used as run-of-river power plants.

Types and options for optimization

Upstream of the impeller there are the guide vanes, which ensure that incoming water hits the runner blades in the best possible way - the turbine rotates and energy is transferred.


Today, there are different types on the market, for example the:

  • Vertical Kaplan turbine. Water flows through it from top to bottom.
  • Bulb turbine. In the classic model, shaft and impeller are installed horizontally.
  • S-Turbine. The turbine shaft can be led out through the s-shaped bent draft tube.

No matter what type of turbine you own, our experts will ensure that your Kaplan turbine continues to deliver maximum yields. By carefully revising, expertly modernising and individually optimising them. For example, the efficiency can be optimally adjusted to different water volumes and heads by regulating the runner and guide vanes. By adjusting the propeller or the speed of rotation, we also ensure that the blades are optimally surrounded by the flow of fluctuating water. In doing so, we aim for an efficiency of up to 95 percent.

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