Axent turbine

The reliable pipeline turbine

The Axent turbine is a relatively new turbine type that uses excess pressure energy in piping systems to generate electricity. In this way, electrical energy can be generated in an environmentally friendly manner and fed into the public power supply. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, there is no way around regular inspection, professional modernisation and customised optimisation.


Compared with other turbines, the Axent turbine does not generate any significant pressure shock in the event of a power failure or if the machine is blocked. This means that no additional valves are required to protect the pipe.

The Axent-Turbine consists of a runner and fixed guide vanes, which are installed in a pipe and directly coupled to an underwater generator. A reliable supply of drinking water is guaranteed despite the use of excess hydropower.

In overland drinking water pipelines, pressure energy is often released via pressure regulators or valves. In order to make the existing pressure energy usable for power generation, the Axent turbine can be installed there. The axial expansion turbine is also increasingly used in chemical processes, for example in paper machines. It is also available as an elbow variant for this purpose.

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