Stellba Hydro

 Your specialist for hydropower plants

Stellba Hydro GmbH & Co KG is a medium-sized company that was founded in 1982 in Heidenheim, Baden-Württemberg, and today implements solutions for small and medium-sized hydro power plants all over the world that are tailored to the respective location.

Tailor-made turbine design:
Preserving the tried and tested, exploiting potential, building robust machines.

We would like to do our part in the energy revolution. We have committed ourselves to this goal. And we will do everything necessary to achieve it. We analyse, advise and simulate. We operate power plants. We build, overhaul and optimise. To increase efficiency, reduce downtime, cut operating costs and extend maintenance intervals, our experts develop turbine designs tailored to the specific location and the unique requirements of our customers.

In doing so, we can draw on many years of experience in handling turbines of different ages, from a variety of manufacturers and of different designs, smart technologies and a broad range of services. Starting with turbine construction, through the optimization of existing machinery to the overhaul of entire hydro power plants.

Our philosophy │ What we stand out for


Three-dimensional flow simulation, foresighted planning, tailor-made design: You won't get any standardised turbines from us - Stellba Hydro develops optimised solutions for each location.

Customer orientation

A satisfied customer is our focus. Therefore, we accompany you from the very beginning - from the needs analysis to production and commissioning. After all, appreciation only shows itself in dealing with each other.

Environmental protection

Conserving resources, reducing emissions - we see it as our task to design products, technologies and processes in an ecological way. In doing so, we observe legal regulations and customer-specific requirements.

Long-term perspective

As an innovative company with decades of tradition, we want to preserve what is tried and tested and create something new. Extensive advice, robust machines, efficient systems - what we do endures.


We value every employee as an individual and an important part of our company. Because our joint success depends on the personal strengths, motivation and responsibility of each individual.


Our actions are characterised by consistently high quality and the pursuit of continuous improvement - both internally and externally. In order to root this principle in the company, we have established a cross-hierarchical QM system.

Flat hierarchies

Short reaction times, complete information about project processes as well as competent and independent employees: customers and suppliers benefit from our flat corporate structure.


What advantages do hydropower plants have over other types of electricity generation? And how do they contribute to mitigating climate change? Important questions to which not only our management has the answers.


We want you to get the best solution for your individual requirements. That is why we communicate with you at eye level. So if you do not understand one or the other technical term, just ask.

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