Optimisation of water turbines

Achieving higher efficiencies

The power of water has already been used for centuries for sustainable energy supply and power generation - and these plants are far from being old hat. In our experience, more efficient turbines and generators and an optimal design of many older power plants can increase power generation by ten percent or more. From a detailed inventory and well engineered design, to the replacement of worn turbine parts or obsolete components in our in-house manufacturing facility, to professional installation - our experienced hydro power specialists will ensure that your machines stay on stream for a long time.

You are aiming to increase the performance of your power plant?

The Stellba flow simulation shows you exactly by what percentage you can increase the efficiency of your plant or what savings potential exists for your operating costs. Contact us and convince yourself of the efficiency of our innovative process. The costs for the simulation will be credited to your order value.

New is not always better:
The entire optimization process is accompanied by our specialists

While other suppliers only offer standardised turbines that have to be integrated into the existing structure at enormous cost, Stellba Hydro has chosen to work on flexible solutions for small and medium-sized power plants. This is because different sites require a design optimised in terms of water capacity or head.


Analysis of current status

Identify defects ...

In order to intuitively investigate the behaviour of existing turbines in terms of fluid mechanics and to improve their efficiency and power output, we need to know the dimensions of all plant components as precisely as possible. Unfortunately, we often only have a few drawings of the machines we are dealing with - often of poor quality. That is why our work always begins with a detailed on-site inventory analysis. Particularly in the case of free-form surfaces, such a measurement requires extensive expert knowledge and professional post-processing of the data. We have several different methods at our disposal, such as the laser scanning technique.


... evaluate potentials.

Following the analysis, we define clear requirements together with our customers, which we consistently pursue. By the way, it is always worth considering the possible potential, especially when a general overhaul is due.



Stellba Hydro operates one of the few 3D visualization environments that exist in the field of turbine construction worldwide. In this room, our engineers use in-house developed software to create a turbine design that is ideally suited to the specific location, taking various factors into account.

The projector is located behind the projection screen (rear projection) when viewed by the observer, so there are no disturbing shadows and the impression of standing in the middle of the machine is achieved. A so-called "tracking system" permanently and contactlessly determines the position of the viewer and adjusts the images so that a distortion-free perspective is obtained. For interaction, the user holds a mouse in his hand with which he controls a light pointer. This is used for navigation, but also for direct interaction in order to change geometries, move parts, start simulations or change their parameters.

This offers advantages due to the clear and realistic display during the design process. Immersion and the simplification of interaction are decisive factors in order to intuitively study the behaviour of the machine during turbine design and further optimise its operating behaviour, efficiency and power output. In addition, drawings ready for production can be quickly derived from the three-dimensional models and data for the CNC processing machines can be generated.

How does our 3D visualization work?

To create a spatial impression, the human brain needs two different images, one each for the left and right eye, from slightly different perspectives. These two images are calculated by the computer and projected simultaneously by the stereo projector. We use a method that displays the two images in rapid alternation. Shutter glasses, which switch one eye glass opaque at a time synchronized with the projector, ensure that the respective eye only sees "its" image - a spatial impression is created.

Of course, we are happy to invite our customers to view your plant from an unusual angle.  

The result: Each turbine optimized by our hydro experts is as individual as the location of your hydroelectric power plant. Pelton, Kaplan or Francis: No matter which type of turbine you have integrated into your hydroelectric power plant - Stellba Hydro ensures with decades of experience, up-to-date know-how and state-of-the-art technology that your investment pays off in the long term.

Increasing efficiencies

Increase annual workload

Extend operating range

Reduce damage and downtime

Extend maintenance intervals

You are aiming to increase the performance of your power plant?
While other suppliers only build complete plants, Stellba Hydro specialises in the optimisation of already installed water turbines.

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