Tailor-made solutions for hydropower plants

The demands on renewable energy sources are changing. The technology is becoming increasingly complex and legal requirements are becoming stricter: Hydroelectric power plants are expected to operate more and more efficiently while at the same time protecting their natural environment. One of the few constants of today's power generation is its constant change. Rigid systems - planned for eternity - must increasingly be replaced by intelligent solutions.


To increase the efficiency of hydroelectric power plants, they do not have to be built from scratch. To ensure that both small and medium-sized plants can survive in the long term, Stellba Hydro provides comprehensive support to large energy companies, municipal utilities or individual private individuals. We have set ourselves the goal of preserving what is tried and tested and fully exploiting potential.


Stellba Hydro

Your flexible partner

From the guide vane to the impeller to the turbine shaft: With us, your hydroelectric power plant is in the best hands. Since 1982 Stellba Hydro has been offering a wide range of services that guarantee both economical and environmentally friendly use of existing hydroelectric power plants. Our experts revise, modernise and optimise plants. We service, manufacture and install turbines. In fact, we do our utmost to be your single point of contact in fast-moving times.

You would like to increase the performance of your hydropower plant?

Our flow simulation will show you exactly by what percentage you can increase the efficiency of your plant or what savings potential can be achieved for your operating costs.

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Engineering, production and assembly from one supplier

To ensure that our customers' investments pay off in the long term, we use our many years of experience and up-to-date know-how to ensure that hydropower plants generate more electricity in a reliable manner. How do we proceed in detail? You can find out in our references.

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