Small water masses, big effect:

Moving Pelton turbines

The Pelton turbine, developed in 1879 by the American engineer Lester Pelton, is used exclusively in hydro power plants with enormous heads. The impulse turbine produces electricity by using the kinetic energy of the water which comes from a higher lying body of water and hits bucket-shaped runner blades. A permanently high degree of efficiency (between 85 and 92 percent) is guaranteed by regular inspections, professional modernisation and professional optimisation by our experts.

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In the Pelton turbine, water from one or more nozzles hits the runner at high speed - it rotates. The water jet is deflected in the buckets in such a way that the energy is almost completely transferred to the turbine. A major advantage of the Pelton turbine is that comparatively small quantities of water are sufficient to move the runner. In addition, each individual nozzle can be controlled individually - so fluctuating water volumes are no problem. You notice: With this type of turbine, many gear wheels mesh together - it is therefore essential to have them revised, modernised and optimised at regular intervals.

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The Stellba flow simulation shows you exactly by what percentage you can increase the efficiency of your plant or what savings potential exists for your operating costs. Contact us and convince yourself of the efficiency of our innovative process. The costs for the simulation will be credited to your order value.

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